Umbrella Roofing helps build the Playground

A little late in posting this, but for our 1% Close to Home in March we contributed 8 of Umbrella Roofing's finest to a day of helping build a playground at the Crystal River Elementary School. It was hands down one of the most amazing community events I have ever seen, with an average of

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1% Close To Home

Recently I attended the Annual Business Conference put on by the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce. It was a fantastic event, with a number of great speakers and insightful presentations. It was during Casey Sheahan's (CEO of Patagonia) presentation that the idea of 1% Close To Home came to mind. Casey was talking about the incredibly

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What we’re really doing here – Merry Christmas!

With the chaos of the pre-Christmas rush to get all of our customers projects buttoned up, it is easy to forget the real reason we show up every day with our "game face". Umbrella Roofing is here for the betterment of the lives in which we touch. Our employees, our customers, our vendors, and anyone

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Pro-Panel Installation

Nestled just down the hill from the quarry that produced the marble for none other than the Lincoln Memorial, and numerous other monuments in D.C., is this little mountain paradise on which we just completed the roof installation. We installed a "Pro-Panel" roof, or as we like to call it in the industry an "exterior

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