Nestled just down the hill from the quarry that produced the marble for none other than the Lincoln Memorial, and numerous other monuments in D.C., is this little mountain paradise on which we just completed the roof installation. We installed a “Pro-Panel” roof, or as we like to call it in the industry an “exterior fastened rolled formed  24 gage steel panel roof”. Actually we never call it that, I just want to sound like we know what we’re talking about.

As a roofing contractor in the mountains we get to do some pretty cool installations. This Pro-Panel roof replacement project involved two “mountain specific” details. After removing the roof we built up the fascia and added 4″ rigid insulation (staggered to minimize thermal breaks), and installed a new plywood roof deck. We also, at the owners request, installed an exceptionally large valley to aid the flow of the glacier that forms there every year. The insulation will go a long ways to minimize the ice damming that was occurring, and the wide valley will help as well.

Nice work guys!