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What we’re really doing here – Merry Christmas!

By |2010-12-27T15:03:08-07:00December 27th, 2010|General Interest|

With the chaos of the pre-Christmas rush to get all of our customers projects buttoned up, it is easy to forget the real reason we show up every day with our "game face". Umbrella Roofing is here for the betterment of the lives in which we touch. Our employees, our customers, our vendors, and anyone

Pro-Panel Installation

By |2010-10-08T10:22:08-07:00October 8th, 2010|General Interest|

Nestled just down the hill from the quarry that produced the marble for none other than the Lincoln Memorial, and numerous other monuments in D.C., is this little mountain paradise on which we just completed the roof installation. We installed a "Pro-Panel" roof, or as we like to call it in the industry an "exterior

Team Umbrella!

By |2010-09-07T07:18:44-07:00September 7th, 2010|General Interest|

The finest roofing contractor team in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond! We are proud to serve Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, CO.

HELP! Call Umbrella Roofing!

By |2010-08-19T10:15:57-07:00August 19th, 2010|General Interest|

Check out the new T-shirt logo. If you need a qualified roofing contractor you can call the police commissioner and he'll crank up the Umbrella Roofing spotlight. If you are the more traditional, life is not always an emergency type, then a simple phone call will do. Thanks for your support!

More Copper!

By |2010-07-27T14:13:27-07:00July 27th, 2010|General Interest|

A recent job by Umbrella Roofing - I think you can see this one from the moon! Being a roofing contractor in Aspen has really blurred the lines between insanity and happiness - for me at least. Stay tuned for Umbrella Roofing - The Movie, only a few days away!

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