As a roofing contractor in the Aspen area we sometimes get wrapped up in the latest and greatest, or at least most expensive, roofing products known to man. Well I’m here to give the asphalt shingle a little love. Not only does it cover 99% of the roofs in the United States, with the new designs and technologies it looks great and last so long that it is considered “green”. It is also far and away the most cost effective roof covering – a far cry from my last post!

This little historic house in Aspen pictured above has the Certainteed Presidential shingle installed, which emulates nicely the cedar shingles that it replaced. This is a Lifetime shingle and will look great for many years, even in our extreme mountain climate.

Check out the 2 links under “Helpful Links” to the left that will allow you to upload a picture of your own house and add different shingle styles and colors. The Owens Corning Design IQ is really cool!