It never ceases to amaze us what we’ll find when we get called out for a leak. This is one of our favorites. Let’s play a little game called “What’s wrong with this picture?”

1) Roof deck left short of eave, leaving a hole you can stick your fist in.

2) No valley flashing

3) Drip edge not stripped in with ice and water shield

4) Ice and water shield left short of eave

5) Drip edge flashing poorly installed

This roof area has been leaking since it was installed by some unscrupulous roofing contractor over ten years ago. The funniest (albeit not to the homeowner) part is the second gutter put in place below the upper gutter in order to catch the leak! This was done by a gutter contractor who did not understand how the whole roof system works (everybody say it now) TOGETHER!

These are painful and expensive lessons for homeowners. Please choose your roofing and all other contractors wisely.

Have a great and leak-free day!