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Umbrella Roofing helps build the Playground

A little late in posting this, but for our 1% Close to Home in March we contributed 8 of Umbrella Roofing’s finest to a day of helping build a playground at the Crystal River Elementary School. It was hands down one of the most amazing community events I have ever seen, with an average of 100 people a day for 4 days straight!

Affirmation that we live in the greatest place I’ve seen.

First picture is Mario and Freddy, second is my daughter at the opening ceremony

Wall Street Journal and Umbrella Roofing – Two Classics!

This week I had a few friends from around the country send me an article from the Wall Street Journal Online stating that Aspen was “The Most Expensive Town in America”. No big shock there, but as I looked at the pictures in the slide show I noticed two homes on which we are currently doing work.

Follow the link, these homes are insane! We are doing work on the first and fifth homes in the slide show.

We love this town!!

1% Close To Home

Recently I attended the Annual Business Conference put on by the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce. It was a fantastic event, with a number of great speakers and insightful presentations.

It was during Casey Sheahan’s (CEO of Patagonia) presentation that the idea of 1% Close To Home came to mind. Casey was talking about the incredibly successful 1% For the Planet initiative that was started by Patagonia, in which companies commit 1% of their GROSS revenue to approved environmental causes.

My wife Nicki and I have always practiced giving a portion of our income to charitable organizations and events, giving till it hurts as the saying goes, but I began to wonder what our company’s policy, if any, should look like. Although we are concerned about environmental causes, the focus of 1% FTP seemed too narrow. What is truly important to Umbrella Roofing, it’s employees and owners?

The only answer is OUR COMMUNITY! The community that has blessed us so greatly with the opportunity to live and work in the Roaring Fork Valley. This is where our heart lies and so it follows that this is where our giving will occur.


Customers don’t worry! We will not be raising our prices to offset this new budget line item. It will only affect our bottom line, and the real bottom line is that we are a part of this community. You may, however, feel free to feel good about doing business with us.

1% Close To Home – it’s going to be awesome!

What we’re really doing here – Merry Christmas!

With the chaos of the pre-Christmas rush to get all of our customers projects buttoned up, it is easy to forget the real reason we show up every day with our “game face”.

Umbrella Roofing is here for the betterment of the lives in which we touch. Our employees, our customers, our vendors, and anyone else that we have the privilege to come in contact with. God bless all of you for making this possible!

On a personal note, here’s the reason I show up every day – The Cannon Family Xmas Card, just follow the link:


Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Pro-Panel Installation

Nestled just down the hill from the quarry that produced the marble for none other than the Lincoln Memorial, and numerous other monuments in D.C., is this little mountain paradise on which we just completed the roof installation. We installed a “Pro-Panel” roof, or as we like to call it in the industry an “exterior fastened rolled formed¬† 24 gage steel panel roof”. Actually we never call it that, I just want to sound like we know what we’re talking about.

As a roofing contractor in the mountains we get to do some pretty cool installations. This Pro-Panel roof replacement project involved two “mountain specific” details. After removing the roof we built up the fascia and added 4″ rigid insulation (staggered to minimize thermal breaks), and installed a new plywood roof deck. We also, at the owners request, installed an exceptionally large valley to aid the flow of the glacier that forms there every year. The insulation will go a long ways to minimize the ice damming that was occurring, and the wide valley will help as well.

Nice work guys!