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A shiny new roof

I couldn’t wait any longer to post a pic of this shiny new copper roof we recently installed near Aspen. Nothing was spared, from the Bylin heated eave and valley system to the Zappone copper shingles with Alpine Snowguard copper snow stops. Umbrella Roofing is proud to be the roofing contractor for this wonderful project!

2 Responses to A shiny new roof

  • Ran across your new copper roof on your website. BEAUTIFUL! WOW!!! Congratulations. I’ll watch for this in Sunset Magazine.

    I was looking for a preservation coating/spray to treat my restored copper gable roof over my bay windows. We restored it back to almost shiny copper and would like to keep it that way. There is a shocking lack of experience in this area with copper on the exterior.
    Any suggestions?
    Eugene Oregon

  • Hi Cindy,

    I would agree, there has not been a universally good solution to keeping copper shiny and new looking, especially on the exterior. It’s not for lack of trying though! My conversations with Revere Copper, the largest and the oldest manufacturer in the US, have been that nobody has come up with a repeatable process that provides an acceptable, low maintenance result over time. The clear varnish/lacquer eventually breaks down and the copper becomes “splotchy” (to use a technical term).

    Wish I had better news for you. My advice – let the copper do it’s own thing!


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